Why should you consider working in Singapore

Singapore is a city-state in Southeast Asia, and the world’s only island city-state and home to 5.3 million people. According to HSBC survey Singapore is the best place for expats and ranks second as the most globalized economy in the world. Almost two thirds of expats told HSBC that their overall quality of life improved after moving to Singapore. 36% of Singapore’s population is foreign. In addition, 73% expats liked local economy, 62% felt that Singapore is the right place to advance their careers, 60% claimed that they earn more in Singapore than in their home country. 60% also claimed that they save more money and 58% thought that Singapore is the right place to start a business.

According to Global Competitiveness Report, Singapore is world’s second-most prosperous economy, with some of the highest wages in the world. Median wage is expected to grow 4.7% in 2017.

According to EIU, Singapore was ranked first in the world for personal safety and second for overall safety. With its beautiful architecture it is attractive city and it also have the state of art hospitals.

Taxes in Singapore are straightforward and very low. This is what people dream off, to have more of their hard earned money to himself or herself. For individual income you will pay progressive tax rate, while corporate tax rate is 17%. It is friendly to entrepreneurs, who can open the company in a few days and register Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) online. Average expat salary is no less than $138.641.

Singapore is home to six universities and education standards are very high. Getting a work/residence permit is easy. Singapore is highly interested in acquiring new residence and labor force. If you have a job offer, you can apply for work permit online and get result in one day, without any unnecessary bureaucracy. If you are a business owner, the entire procedure is even simpler. It is easy to get permanent residence, which means you get to stay here for lifetime without giving up your native citizenship.

It is a gateway to Asia, a portal to APAC region and offers excellent transport to surrounding countries.

It is a food hub. You get to relish a variety of dishes, that you’ve never heard before.

Singapore is heterogenous, with people from all over the world, so your culture exposure is big. You can share your experiences with other expats, most of who are Australians, British and Kiwis.

Public transportation across the city is very well organized, so you don’t need to own a car.

Singapore never sleeps. Late night is vibrant, when you can enjoy with friends and colleagues after long day of work.

Infrastructure and laws are very attractive, with low crime rate and zero corruption, which make setting up of business easier and provides competitive market to grow. As your business grows and it is time to expand, hiring new professional team will be easy. Local labors are know for their effectiveness, strong work ethics and superb educational profiles.

If you are looking for life change experience, for greener grass, to advance career, start a business or move current business offshore, Singapore is the place to be.

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