Which are the best jurisdictions for offshore company, case of Belize, Nevis and Panama

When we look into which jurisdiction is the best, we need to check up several factors:
1. International banking
2. Payment obligation, tax filing and local audit
3. Protection and privacy
4. Jurisdiction image
5. Services and investment management options

International banking

Belize has quality offshore banking, lead by Caye Bank and Belize Bank. But Nevis have benefit over Belize, if somebody tries to sue the company, he must put up 30.000$ bond before suing. This covers defense expenses in case suing party lose.

Payment obligation, tax filing and local audit

Belize and Nevis provide zero tax. Lets say you own a web business which generate income. If you have company in Panama, you will have to pay taxes there, based on this income. What you can do is setup offshore company in Belize and a company in Panama. Company in Belize will charge clients and thus generating profit, whereas company in Panama will charge only to cover its expenses, thus effectively reduce taxes.

In most countries you are required to file local tax only if you are running local business. Lets say you have a shop in Belize and corporation in Panama with tens of employees. You are required to file local tax in both this situations. But otherwise as an offshore company you are not required to report it.

Protection and privacy

For the basic corporation or LLC, we will go with Belize and Nevis. Both countries have rule that they look only 1 year in the past, so after a year is up, it becomes impossible to punish company for wrongdoing of the past.

You can setup offshore corporation or LLC with one person. It is also less expensive to setup and maintain lower government fees.

Now that we looked into this two options, lets have a look in Panama. Panama is another great option, but company needs nominee directors and beneficial owner, although he is not listed in any public registry. Please note that doesn’t have LLC option.

Jurisdiction image

Clients will be typically more comfortable with business entities running in Singapore and Hong Kong, than Belize or Nevis. But if this doesn’t matter to your company, you will benefit best from Belize.

Services and investment management options

Some of the best real estate, gold storage and other investment management options are in Panama. Banks in Panama start private banking services for clients with 500.000$+, whereas this number is significantly higher in other jurisdictions.

Belize is also option here, which offers a wide spectrum of investment products, multi currency accounts, precious metals and other investments.

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