Protect yourself against identity theft

Identity theft is on a rise in the information age. More often than not, protecting identity theft victims is hard, because a lot of information is passed on a daily basis.

We use personal credit cards to buy just about everything, we recklessly give away our phone numbers to anyone who is interested and we have social media accounts, like fb account, twitter…, where it is very easy for anyone interested to access our private life.

Unless you have several identities, there are a lot of information attached to your identity. What you can do is establish separate legal identity and then getting credit card and other stuff under that new identity.

Establish new legal business Entity
Whether you own a house, a car, a boat or any other large asset, or if you are an entrepreneur, you should establish separated legal entity.

Your lawyer can probably advise, which legal entity is best for your particular situation.

This could be LLC, corporation… Imagine this as a firewall between your personal information and the outside world.

Separated legal entity is your first line of defense, protecting your privacy and liability.

Further, if you operate under new legal entity, this can maintain your status of independent contractor, which can be seen as a privacy tool and tax savings.

Before you establish separated legal entity, you should consider location, as it can be significant difference in maintaining costs, laws and tax effects.

If you operate on your new legal entity instead of your name, you can use strategies to legally avoid big amount of taxes. Get advice from your lawyer or accountant.

Now, when new legal entity is established you can get a business credit card.

Any information will be stored under new legal business entity instead of your name directly.

Even if that information leaks out, it is easier to start a new entity, than to start “your life” again.

Some other things to consider:
– Use cash whenever you can. Cash is king and it doesn’t leave any traces.
– Consider anonymous web surfing.
– Use a ghost address or use a new business entity and business credit cards.
– Use your real name and address only when you really have to (when you deal with government and doctors for example). Else you just use fake ID. Nobody needs to know your real name or address.

More than 30.000 people fall prey to identity theft. Don’t be one of them. Consider opening New Mexico LLC.

If you are an entrepreneur or if you own a large asset, then you have to operate under corporation, LLC or partnerships.

Also keep your phone number private. Nobody but your inner circle has to know your number and do never list it in public address books.

Get of the social media accounts. This might get harder and harder as social media platforms don’t just let you to delete everything about yourself anymore. Be very careful what you post online, or better don’t post anything.

Social media should only be used for business purposes. So it is ok for business entity to have an account, but avoid having personal account.

These are just some simple steps one can do to (further) protect his privacy.

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