Moving abroad, good, bad and the ugly

When I was in the University, I got a scholarship to study in Asia. It was amazing experience. It was the first time to stay abroad for a longer period of time for me.

After 1 semester I got another scholarship to study somewhere else, this time in Europe and then yet another one, to study in Asia again.

Soon I decided to move abroad permanently.

Moving abroad is not for everyone. If you are a person who likes “stability”, needs to be safe and secure all the time, afraid of challenges and difficulties that might (will) get along, then moving abroad is not for you.

But if you like to experience new things, travel the world and live free, then you might want to consider to do so.


Why to move abroad:

– Job/Business opportunities
– Studying in different culture
– You don’t like what future holds for you in your country
– You don’t like climate back home (too hot, too cold, too rainy)
– Want a better life for yourself or your family
– Financial and legal system in your country rips you off from your hard earned money (e.g. taxes)
– You want a fresh start (e.g., your business went south, you broke up long term relationship with your gf/wife…)
– You like an adventure
– You want to create your own destiny and path
– Better medical, education and other facilities

List is not completed, there are many other reasons, why to move abroad.


Not everything is honey though. Wherever you go, you will have to cross many obstacles, like handling different culture, language barriers, leaving friends and family members behind, start everything from scratch, find new home, handling all bureaucracy…

Still, once you overcome these difficulties, it is well worth it. I like to make my own choices of where to live and what do to with my life.

The Ugly

The real challenge and the ugly truth is that living abroad can be very frustrating at some points. I have meet expats who couldn’t wait to move back home. They just had enough.

Living abroad, especially if you move alone, will make you feel lonely at times, you will get frustrated, because of different culture and the way they handle things in different way. There will come time, when you will even think it was a mistake and you should have stayed at home. Some people even learn that and they move back. But majority doesn’t.

Majority people pick their dream land, choose their dream city or place which gives them better life opportunities and go along with it. They adapt and completely change their life this way. Some even rebuild their life from scratch, they way they want to.


Many people would want to move to some other place, as deep down they know there is better place to live. They just don’t know how to do it, or are too afraid to do so. But above all, they have “good excuses”.

Common excuses of people, who want to move abroad, but they “can’t” because:

– They have family members and friends, who they can’t leave behind
– They have “steady and safe job”
– They don’t speak foreign language of a place they want to live in
– They think it’s too complicated to move abroad
– They don’t know how to find new opportunities in new country (e.g. job/business)
– They don’t have enough money to move
– They have other excuses (mortgage, car, study, house, credits…)

None of these reasons should hold you back. None. If you traveled around and saw the world, but simply don’t like to live anywhere else, fine. Stay where you are. But if you like to see places, if you feel like something is missing “at home”, you can always find a new home.

If you are absolutely sure you like your home that much, you wouldn’t want to live anywhere else in the world, fine. But if you feel something is missing at home, something is not right, if you feel that there are other opportunities out there, go and travel the world and you will see. Step out of your comfort zone, take the red pill and move abroad. It’s worth it.

“But I like my home.” You think you like it, because you are comfortable there, because you are used of it. Even when they impose high taxes, when cost of living skyrocket, when their house gets flooded by the same river every couple of years, even then most people want to stay, because it is their home.

Why? Because it is “too hard” to move abroad, or you don’t know how. But all it takes is decision!

Start with baby steps, go check out different countries and cities, to see where you like it the most. Sell your staff and move. If you don’t like it after some time, you can always return back. But even if you do return, you will appreciate your home more. On the other hand you will likely find the place where you wish you had moved earlier.

You will realize that there are million of opportunities out there, the world is big. Sell your things, pick your place and move.

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