Most powerful passports 2016

With powerful passport you can travel visa free around the globe. Powerful passports are determined by the number of countries one can travel freely without applying for visa for selected destination. This makes traveling easier and cheaper for powerful passports holders.

According to Henley & Partners’ Visa Restrictions Index, Germans poses most powerful passports, with being able to travel visa free to 177 countries out of 218. It holds top spot for a three years in a row. Second are Swedish with being able to travel to 176 countries visa free, followed by Finland, France, Italy, Spain and UK. Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands and the United States are on 4th place with being able to travel to 175 countries visa free.

Austria, which offers citizenship through investment program, ranks 5th, along with Japan and Singapore. Austria ranks highest among those, who offer citizenship through investment, followed by Portugal, which ranks 6th. Portugal also offers some of the best investment citizenship programs available. It is also EU country, which makes holder of Portugese passport travel freely through Schengen area.

Number of UK citizens applying for Irish and other EU passports after Brexit is staggering and it could shake up top 10 ranks soon.

Here is the full list of top 10 passports to have:

Germany, 177 countries can be visited without a visa
Sweden, 176
Finland, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, 175
Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, United States, 174
Austria, Japan, Singapore, 173
Canada, Ireland, South Korea, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland, 172
Greece, New Zealand, 171
Australia, 169
Malta, 168
Hungary, Czech Republic, Iceland, 167


Picture above from Henley & Partners show global passports power, with countries in blue the most powerful and the countries in yellow the least powerful.

Here is the list of the least powerful passports to have:

Afghanistan, 25 countries can be visited without a visa
Pakistan, 29
Iraq, 30
Somalia, 31
Syria, 32
Libya, 36
Eritrea, Ethiopia, Iran, Nepal, Palestinian Territory, Sudan, 37
Kosovo, South Sudan, Yemen, 38
Bangladesh, Congo (Democratic Republic of), Lebanon, Sri Lanka, 39
Burundi, Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of, North), Myanmar, 42


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