Lost passport

You are in the 3rd world country and your passport got lost or stolen. What to do? There is something terrifying if your passport get lost or stolen. You can be subject to identity theft, somebody can use your passport to cross borders illegal, or for other ill mannered purposes. Here we describe step by step what to do when you lose your passport or it get stolen.

Step 1. Don’t panic. You want to double check whether you really lost your passport or it really got stolen. Often, you just might misplace it.

Step 2. Report your lost or stolen passport to the nearby police office. In most cases you will need police report, when explaining circumstances to your embassy. If you lose your passport abroad, there will be somebody at the police station who speaks English and they will assist you. They will ask you if it got stolen or you just lost it. If you are not sure, describe circumstances from when you saw it for the last time. Once you get the police report you can move to step 3.

Step 3. Report your lost or stolen passport to your nearest embassy or consulate. Please note, that only embassy can replace your passport, if it happens that you are in the country where there is no embassy of your country, but only consulate, they will be able to provide only one way emergency travel document (temporary passport) in order for you to return home safely. Have a police report and other documents ready (such as photos for your new passport), when contacting embassy. Also note, that you can cancel your lost or stolen passport only in person, you can’t do it by the phone. Once you cancel your passport it will go to the Interpol database of lost and stolen passports, so nobody can use it for travel purposes anymore.

Step 4. Go to your embassy or consulate to collect either new passport or an emergency travel document. Be very careful about your travel documents, as once you lose your passport or it get stolen, you will be watched more closely if it happens again, meaning that applying for yet another one, it may cause additional paperwork and unnecessary troubles.

Step 5. When you got your new passport or travel document, don’t forget to collect exit visa, if you arrived on visa to the country where your passport got lost or stolen. This may vary from country to country.

How to protect yourself in case your passport get lost or stolen.

First and foremost, protect your passport at any cost. It is important travel document.

Second, have all copies of important documents scanned (such as passport page, relevant visa page, employment contract…) and available on email or carry them on micro sd card or in phone. Encrypt your documents with tools such as VeraCrypt, so in case you lose your micro sd card, nobody can access your documents.

Third, before traveling, write down relevant addresses and phone numbers of embassy or consulate. EU citizens can use any other EU nation embassy in case there is no embassy or consulate of your country in the country, where you lost passport.

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