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Switzerland is a mountainous Central European federal republic. With high GDP and quality of life it is lucrative destination for expats. In this article we will describe what living and working life in Switzerland is like.

1) High pay and low taxes
Swiss wages are high, higher than US counterparts and among highest in the world, all while keeping taxes low. Here is Swiss tax calculator. Even low skills jobs are paid 20CHF per hour, but if you are, say, banker your salary goes to the ceiling among counterparts worldwide.

2) High standard of living
Crime is low, while housing and food are of top quality. You can drink tapped water, thanks to water natural resources in Switzerland. Cleanliness is very important to Swiss, so streets are really clean.

3) Free education
Switzerland, like most European countries offers free education or almost free, meaning you pay only a fraction of tuition fee. Switzerland is also place to some of the very best universities.

4) Landscape
Swiss is home to beautiful mountains and nature. It is green and clean. There are numerous spots to hike and do outdoor activities in clean air and environment.

5) Public transportation
Is always on time and you don’t have to own a car. There are plenty of traveling opportunities too, you are in the center of Europe and you can travel to neighbor countries within an hour or two. If you live and work in Switzerland you will enjoy visa free travel throughout the Europe.

6) Unemployment is low
There are plenty of jobs available for skilled labor. With unemployment around 3% almost everyone has a job. Swiss usually work life long in the same company. If you are from European Union country you can easily find a job and don’t need a working visa. All you have to do is show up for work and register at local bureaucratic center.

7) Sports
You can do many outdoor activities, since Swiss like sports. Football, basketball, or any other kind of outdoor activities you wish. You will find plenty of places do it here.

1) High living standard means high prices
Switzerland is extremely pricey and you will pay huge amount for even smallest apartment (around $2000) and food, with eating out around $100. One way to avoid this is to live in the country nearby and daily commute to Switzerland if your workplace is not to far.

2) People may seem cold
Swiss are stiff and foreigners may have a hard time to adopt to this. Further, they may seem even colder to foreigners, you work here but you are not Swiss mentality.

3) Too precise
People from Spain, Portugal, Italy and other warm culture countries may have problem adjusting to Swiss culture in terms of preciseness and being on time all the time.

4) Weather (it is cold)
Most of the year it is cold, with hot summers. Swiss usually don’t use air conditioners as summers are not long anyway.

You can find jobs in Switzerland here:

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