How to live like a free man

Freedom is the most important thing besides health. Many people don’t care about their freedom, as long as they have brand new phone, video game or big flat TV. To live like a free man, one should consider the following:

Free people don’t have jobs
Your job can get taken away from you at any time. Free people don’t slave away their precious time in cubicle from 9-5. Don’t get me wrong, having an executive position or be a high earner is certainly acceptable when you are younger in order to gain some experience. What I am talking about are drones who have little to no responsibilities, earn mediocre income and are stuck in a dead end job. Free men will rather choose entrepreneurship to not have a boss, who abuses them every working day. Free men don’t rely on someone else for income, they generate their own. In many cases free men also have multiple streams of income. If one goes bust, they have other options, whether this is internet business, flipping cars…

Free people stay out of debt
Debt is slavery, everyone knows this, but still so many people become debt slaves. Some have massive mortgages to pay, some have student loans, some even have loans for their cars and credit cards. Free people pay with cash upfront. Free people buy houses and cars with cash. But you can argue, “I can’t afford to buy a house with cash”, then I suggest you don’t buy it, but rent. “But I will never own a house”. Well then work harder and save enough money to buy it with as much upfront payment as you can. If you get a really good deal, then 5 year mortgage makes sense, but having a mortgage over 20-30 years is just insane. This is long period of time and many things can happen in that time. Above all, you will be slave to the bank for that period of time. You will not have freedom to start your own business, to retire early, to invest…, you will be slave, period.

Free people decrease their taxes as much as legally possible
Taxes can be a big burden. Smart people will move their assets abroad, away from prying eyes of tax man, whether this means put savings into an offshore account, owning a house through tax heaven, or move entire business offshore to decrease tax burden. Free people will want to keep as much hard earned money as possible.

Free people don’t pay child support or alimony
Marriage is a bad decision, unless you are absolutely 100% sure you found the right woman. These days many marriages end up in divorce, leaving man to pay 18 years of child support, without seeing his kids often. Whether you can afford to pay child support and alimony or not, you will end up in jail if you don’t pay. Don’t fall into trap like many do and marry the wrong woman. Even if you are absolutely sure that you find your soul mate, things can go sour and when you signed marriage contract, you actually didn’t sign contract with your new wife but with government, which will strip you off your hard earned money in case of divorce.

Free people own second passport
Having second passport and/or second residency might not seems as absolutely necessary, but you would be wrong. If you have enough money consider getting second passport through investment or spend some time abroad and become naturalized citizen. At least have a second residency in case things go sour. Your government will take from you as much as it can, it doesn’t care for you or your well being. Having an option to switch places and to travel freely is a good idead free men practice.

There you have it, free people are business owners, without debt, who decrease their taxes as much as legally possible. They don’t have to pay child support and alimony and they own either second passport or at least second residency.

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