Consumer vs. producer mindset

Production is an activity which makes you money, or enhances your earning potential. Consumption is everything else. Consumption is for example watching TV, thus enriching actors on TV, while you just waste your time, browsing the internet, consuming youtube videos, being sports fan…, all of this is consumption. Especially being sports fan wastes your precious time and money, like not many activities. While players get rich and famous, you wake up the next day with absolutely nothing new to show off. Players on the other hand are producers. They wake up next day after the game, being richer, more famous and what not. They produced game for consumers, sports fans. Same goes for video games, which can be toxic and steal great amount of time. All this time you could be working, producing and earning money instead. Consumption on the other hand, doesn’t add value to your life, it just steals your energy, time and add opportunity cost to your life.

You can change consumer mindset. For example, if you write on internet forums and blogs, you consume this forums and blogs. Why not starting your own blog and creating your own platform. Instead writing for someone else, you could be writing for yourself, create a new product and earn money down the road.

If you have consumer mindset, chances are that you live too comfortable life. If you take holidays too often, play video games and consume other products, then probably you need to take a step back and make your life more miserable in order to change mindset from consumer to producer. For example, if you would need to survive, you wouldn’t have time to play stupid video games, but work instead to earn money. Step outside the comfort zone and put yourself in position where you don’t consume, but produce. Ditch TV, stop playing video games and especially stop being sports fan. Instead work for yourself and produce. Instead of watching movies, use that time for side gig and in time it will add up to nice sum of money.

Change your mindset and change addiction. Instead of playing video games, turn to bloging for example. Instead of watching youtube videos, create your own videos. Not only will you not consume anymore, but will be a producer and potentially earn money from this.

If you have a job, you are producing for somebody else, if you have your company you are producing for yourself. When you consume, you make other people, producers, rich. You should aim to become a producer yourself so you too can benefit from other peoples consumption. First, you have to start with changing mindset from consumer to producer, so stop consuming and start producing. Even if producing is just small thing at first, like gaining more knowledge or developing new skills. Important thing is that you start.

Production mindset is also going to the gym, shaping your body. When you produce more than consume, you are producer, when you consume more than you produce, you are consumer. Consumers never get rich. They make producers rich.

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