Dear readers,

Welcome to MaxOffshore, a page for expats, retirees abroad, investors, those who want to get free of shackles of corporate 9-5 job and anyone else who seeks financial and personal freedom.

My name is Max, I have lived and worked in 4 different countries on managerial level. I decided to retiree soon, so this blog is part of a plan. I try to help people, get them awareness that their government and creditors can make your life very difficult, unless you protect your interests.

Nowadays your government takes away your hard earned money. Why not leverage countless of options to legally reduce your taxes, protect your money and investments and run business from abroad.

History has proven that empires come and go, so you can expect that one day your government will mess things to the point, where you will lose your money through bankrupt financial system, your passport will get confiscated, so you wont be able to travel as you are free and turn you into slave.

Why not stash away some or all of your money to protect it, why not getting second passport, that you can travel no matter what. Having a second passport can even be a life saver, think of your country goes to war and your old passport is no longer valid. If you have dual citizenship however and ideally stashed your money in an offshore bank account, you can avoid the hassles of war and continue to live like a free man.