8 reasons why you should start your online business

In the age of the internet, it is easier to start own business than ever before. Instead of rotting away in your cubicle, driving through rush hours every morning and afternoon and complying to demands of your boss, you could live free life.

Now, any type of entrepreneurship is better than 9-5 job, but online business in particular gives you more freedom than any other.

1) With online business you can work from anywhere in the world
You can work from home, from coffee shop or from any country you see fit. Imagine that instead of waking up to alarm clock, getting stuck in rush hour traffic, you wake up whenever you want and do your work behind the laptop on balcony with sea side view in foreign country.

2) You earn what you deserve
Unlike 9-5 job, your income is related directly to how much you work and how good you are at it. In 9-5 job you earn steady paycheck (underpaid), whereas in online business you can go months or even years without getting paid, but when you start earning first money, income can grow exponentially with no limits.

3) You will have more free time to do whatever you want
Instead of anxiously waiting for your next holidays, you could have more free time to take holidays whenever you want. Spend more time with your family, for your hobbies, for traveling or for whatever you want. Instead of being stuck up in traffic everyday you could use this time to do things that you enjoy doing.

4) You can feed up your creativity
Starting online business is cheap. Overhead costs are low, you only need to register domain and pay for hosting. That’s all. In exchange you can feed up your creativity and entrepreneurial mind. If you start brick and mortar shop, you have to pay for product, salaries, rent…, but with online business your costs are very low and everyone can afford it.

5) Your online business is constantly open
Unlike brick and mortar shop, your online business is open 24/7. Imagine you go to bed, only to wake up to see many sales that your page have made, while you slept. So you earn money even when you sleep, even when you away doing something else.

6) Having online business means you have real job security
Nowadays you can get fired any time for whatever reason. Even if you are long time loyal employee and a good worker, you can get pink slip at any moment. You can’t rely on your company or your boss to employ you for ever. On the contrary, having an online business means you are your own boss and you can’t get fired. Your are responsible to yourself instead to someone else.

7) Anyone can start an online business
If you are teenager, or retiree, or anyone in between, you can start your very own online business today. There are no limitations. All you need is computer and an internet connection and if you are reading this, that chances are you have both. Be consistent, put in effort and you will see results.

8) With online business you can make either side money or earn big money
It all depends how much effort you put in. You should be consistent and work will pay off. Having couple of niche sites, where each brings in 500$ is nice side income, double or triple that and you are doing quite well.

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