5 countries with fastest naturalization through residency

So you want to obtain second passport and citizenship as fast as possible? In this article we will review some possibilities to do so. First, lets have a look into different ways to obtain a second passport and citizenship.

Fastest ways to obtain second passport and citizenship

Through investment
Most economic citizenships can be obtained fast if you have significant amount of money to invest in particular country. Some of the countries which offer economic citizenship are Bulgaria, Antigua and Barbuda, Cyprus, Canada… For complete list of getting passport through investment click here.

Through marriage
If it happens that your spouse is foreigner, you might be eligible for shorten naturalization in his/her home country, thus receiving second passport faster than usually. Some countries have language requirements though, but some countries offer instant naturalization for foreign spouses.

Through descent
If you have ancestors in Europe, you may be eligible to get second passport fast through descent. This may take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years, which is very reasonable. Among other countries, you are eligible if your ancestors are from Italy, Ireland, Poland, Spain, Hungary… Italy for example offers citizenship to those who can look all the way back to your great grandparents for lineage. It takes around a year and a half for bureaucracy.

Special cases
If you are extraordinary scientist, artist, or athlete, you may be eligible for second passport for your talent. Some countries which have this option are Singapore and Poland.

Now lets have a look, which countries offer fastest citizenship through residency.

Through residency
For complete check list of European countries through residency, click here.

Macedonia, 1 year
This Eastern European country offers citizenship through naturalization after only 1 year. Macedonia can be attractive option, since it offers traveling through Schengen Zone without visa, despite it is not member of the EU. There is flat tax rate in the country, 10% for both, companies and individuals.

Dominican Republic, 2 years
If you have 200$k to invest in real estate or business, you can speed up the naturalization process. You can get it without investment too, if you have steady income outside of Dominican Republic, 1.500$ if you are retiree, or 2.000 if you are not, and live in the country for this period of time, however, this may not always apply. More often than not, it will take longer for naturalization. Still, it is one of the fastest options to get second passport and citizenship.

Russia, 3 years
With paying taxes in Russia and after only 3 years, you may be eligible to become citizen of Russia. Russian taxes are 13-19%, which is in comparison with buying economic citizenship, lower cost in most cases. Please note however, that Russian passport doesn’t allow access to European Union countries without a visa.

Paraguay, 3 years
Passport from this countries offers visa free travel to Europe and all of South America. You have to deposit 5.000$ into bank account and after 3 years you are eligible for naturalization. Please note, that it takes another year after that for bureaucracy. You don’t have to move to Paraguay to maintain the residency.

Ireland 1 year (plus 4 years cumulative)

Ireland offers citizenship if you live in the country for one year continuously, plus four years cumulative residency over the eight years preceding the one year. It also offers citizenship through descent.

Bonus Singapore, 2 years (special conditions apply)

Singapore offers straightforward route to citizenship. First, you have to obtain permanent residency by establishing a business in Singapore or obtaining employment in Singapore. After only 2 years of residency, you can apply for citizenship. Please note that Singapore does not allow dual citizenship and you must renounce you old citizenship to become a citizen of Singapore.

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